from an autism and enzymes message board post...

many nazi germans, many stalinist russians, many chinese cultural revolutionaries...

the spirit of OPPRESSION

wants to oppress


in your own right to comfy feelings in the face of your being WRONG

so sad you have to be on this board

perhaps you should apply to the department of cosmic mistakes

scene: woman standing at a counter, a vast hall with stars for the ceiling and waterfalls in the lavatory

woman speaking to a man sitting at a desk behind the counter, old and half decrepit, cobwebs hanging from his hair and the moon shining out of his eyes, she ignores this ....

'i'd like to complain about my lot'

he ignores this and his eyes shimmer through the green of moss seen through a clear running stream

'my feelings are offended by the difficulties life has thrown at me'

he looks down turning his eyes away but as they turnclouds in a blue
sky pass through

'someone PLEASE listen to me i am hurt'

he looks up and sort of hoarsely replies

ma'm you will get no joy from me i am autistic